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Cockroaches are among the most common insect pest found inside buildings. They

are especially troublesome where food is prepared and sanitation is lacking.

Cockroaches are repulsive to most people simply by their presence. They may

contaminate food, kitchen utensils and other items, and they leave an unpleasant


Because cockroaches move freely from filth to food, they can transfer micro

organisms that cause food poisoning and other illnesses. Many people are also

allergic to cockroaches, their excrement and cast off skins, resulting in wheezing,

watery eyes and skin rashes. While cockroaches thrive where sanitation is poor,

even the cleanliest home or restaurant can become infested. Cockroaches can be

introduces into an area through food, vegetables, beverage, equipment or furniture deliveries.

Each domestic cockroach species prefers a different area in a building, so

identification is important for pest control. There is many species of cockroaches but

fortunately only a handful of them infest our structures. Cockroaches are flattened,

brownish, fast running insects with long, slender antennae.

PEST CONTROL or TREATMENT: Cockroaches & other insects such as Fleas, Silvermoth, Bedbugs, Lice and Spiders

  • Product used is colorless, odorless and non toxic to humans.

  • The product is carried to the nest by the insects and the nest is


  • This creates a break in the life cycle of the cockroach and a roach free

    area can be guaranteed.

  • Each area will be visited once every three months.

  • The kitchen, bar, toilets and all other service areas will be treated for

    cockroaches and other insects.

  • Treatment of Cockroaches will carry a (3) three month guarantee.

  • Infestations between treatments will be remedied at a minimal charge of

    only R 300.