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Rats make up the largest single group of mammals on earth, one-third of the earth's total mammal population.

Damage to structures by gnawing is widespread. Almost any kind of material may be

attacked, including: drain pipes, curtains, candles, soap, cork insulation, plastic,

electrical wiring that can lead to electrical failures or fires.

Rodent infestations present a health hazard to humans & animals. The nature of the

hazard and the severity of the risk depend on the species of Rodent and the

geographical position and can include Bacterial diseases e.g. Salmonella,

Rickettsial diseases, Viral diseases, Protozoal diseases or Fungal diseases.

Rodents are intelligent animals that can adapt well to new circumstances. But they

are very wary of changes in their territory.


  • Different kinds of Rodenticides used: Single feeding (only have to eat once to die) & Multi feeding (have to eat 3-4 times to die)
  • Product is taken in by rodent in the form of treated seed, liquid or wax blocks. Animal friendly products available to prevent injury to dogs, cats and owls.
  • Product attacks the lungs of the rodent first and then the other organs.
  • This ensures that the rodent leaves the building to die outside. 
  • Rodent bait will be placed as required by the individual area. Tamperproof Rat Bait Stations or boxes & liquid dispensers.